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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Captain America 3 already coming together?

Apparently things are looking quite good for the Star Spangled Avenger.

Variety is reporting that Marvel/Disney are already planning ahead for a Captain America 3, and have entered into discussions with Anthony and Joe Russo to carry on with the third entry after a number of test screenings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier went over very well.

This is welcome news, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier is probably my most anticipated franchise release this year and if its anywhere near as strong as Captain America: The First Avenger was, which was a delightful pre-Avengers surprise after the fairly middling Thor in 2011, then Steve Rogers will be in great shape going forward.

Variety is of course quick to say that financial haul will be of paramount importance before contracts are signed, and The Winter Soldiers somewhat odd release date does temper expectations. Then again, Thor: The Dark World did very, very well in November, so I'm starting to believe with Marvel Studios, all bets are off if people desire the product.

This is one I'll be there opening weekend for!
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