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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 6

Welcome one and all to the week's best covers!

Black Science #3
By Matteo Scalera, Dean White
Although I'm a little saddened that they're determined to keep the white title bar, the art that it borders is simply stunning.  I love that we're viewing through some thick safety door that resembles a old television, and the text at the bottom is absolutely classic.

X-Men Legacy #23
By Mike Del Mundo
I know very little about this book, but this cover's unique subject matter really caught my eye.  I like the mutant (alien?) stroking his beard as he contemplates his pamphlet.  The tiny details on these fantastical creatures really contrasts nicely with the absence of background, too.

Thor: God of Thunder #18
By Esad Ribic
How could this possibly not make the list?  In a growing list of amazing pieces by Ribic, this stands as one of his finest fantasy works.  The framing is full of tension, and the way the creature's body rises up into the unknown is terrifying.  Can't you just smell that dragon's breath?

Fables #137
By George Pratt
 Fables is often praised for it's covers, but I found this one particularly good.  I love the painterly style, and the facial expression tells such a story.  What a great use of color as well, with the dark, bloody red and the sickly greens.
Talon #15
By Emanuel Simeoni
Dropped the book a long time ago, but I kept coming back to this cover as I browsed the previews.  A really intriguing design that draws the eye inward but takes a minute to decipher.  I dig it.

Dead Boy Detectives #2
By Mark Buckingham
I love that there's a lot of detail here despite it's simple look at first glance, and I always love a cover that tells a story.  I love, too, that it's got the cover of #1 tucked away in a corner.  Great shading with the ink wash too.

The Shadow: Year One #7
By Chris Samnee
  No, seriously, when is Samnee going to do an ongoing Batman title?

So, those are the week's best covers!  A pretty nice variety in this bunch, ranging from the hard sci-fi to the hard fantasy.  What are your favorite covers this week?  Let me know on Twitter or Facebook
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