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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 5

Welcome all to this week's edition of Best Covers of the Week!  This is a giant week in terms of great books, and often that means lots of great covers.  We run the gambit from superhero mainstream to off-the-beaten-path independent books this week--check them out before heading to the shop tomorrow!

Batman #27
by Greg Capullo 
Capullo has done an excellent job on this book in general, but the Zero Year covers have largely been lacking.  Last months was interesting, but this one is downright terrifying.  Capullo is the perfect creepy counterpart to Snyder's twisted imagination!

Batwoman #27
By Stéphane Roux
Striking design work by Roux here.  I love the spiderweb as both a metaphor for broken glass and a bullet hole, which nicely ties into the end of last issue.  Great coloring as well with the yellow-orange and bright red really accentuating the black of the costume and the white of the web.

Wonder Woman #27
By Cliff Chiang
 Going in Uno-order this week: yellow matches yellow!  This one really stood out due to the coloring as well, but I love it for it's minimalist look that gets across some of the ideas of this arc and most certainly its tone.
Zero #5
By Tom Muller, Will Tempest
I've featured Zero before here, but this cover really outdoes the others.  It is intense and a bit frightening, and the VHS distortion effect is...well it's just plain cool.

Samurai Jack #4
By Genndy Tartakovsky
Probably my favorite cover of the week, this one is absolutely gorgeous.  I can almost hear (or not hear) the silence of the snow falling.  Really beautiful portrayal of a fantastic character.

Deadly Class #1
By Wesley Craig, Lee Loughridge
Reading the solicit for this, I thought, "I've seen this before" but seeing the cover and the team involved I'm thinking maybe I haven't.  I love the John Hughes look, the minimalist coloring, and the typography of the title.  Great design work! 

Mind MGMT #18
By Matt Kindt
Kindt has put together some fantastic covers for this series.  The last arc were all designed to look like homemaker magazines of the 50s, and I'm excited to see how the next batch of covers turns out.  Knowing Kindt, there's got to be some secret message written in the leaves somewhere...

So that's it, those are my picks for best covers of the week!  DC did quite well, and a very strong showing from the independents, too.  What are your favorite covers of the week?  Let me know on Twitter or Facebook
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