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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 4

Welcome to your weekly blast of wonderful comic book covers!  Here are some gorgeous, cool (and one cute) covers to look out for at your LCBS today!

Ghosted #6
By Matteo Scalera
  I love that more covers are playing with minimalist color like this.  The scratchy, painterly style is wicked cool, too, and the careful design of the typography ties it all together.

Prophet #42
By Ron Wimberly
One of the best in a very long line of excellent covers, this one continues the mirrored theme.  The robotic muscle face, the unsettling alien landscapes...what's not to love?

Thunderbolts #20.NOW
By Phil Noto
Hell yeah!  This one really plays heavily on the nostalgia factor, but Noto (like another 'Best Covers' favorite, Francavilla) often transcends the novelty of it to create something really excellent.

Black Dynamite #1
By Jun LoFamia, J.M. Ringuet
Another nostalgic piece, maybe not quite so artfully done, but I ask you one question: is there anything more badass than a man punching a shark?

Lil' Battlestar Gallactica #1
By Art Balthazar
This has got to be one of the weirder things coming out this week, but it's pretty adorable if nothing else.  This one hits a broad audience: fans of a 35-year-old sci-fi show that are somehow 10 years old.

Miracleman #1
By Garry Leach (left), Jerome Opeña (right)
   You didn't think I'd forget, did you?  There are a host of covers coming out for this monumental re-release, but these are my two favorites.  On the left is Leach's original cover which gives an impression of both raw power and the disturbing dangers of the atomic age.  Opeña's on the other hand focuses a bit more on the cosmic glory.  Seeing such a great artist take on an iconic but nearly lost character design is a rare and wonderful thing!

B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #115
By Rafael Albuquerque, Dave Stewart
 The diagonal line division is another theme I'm spotting in recent covers.  The contrasting colors and tones--a sense of cold stillness on top, hot and angry action on bottom--made this one stand out.

That's it for this week!  What are your favorite covers of the week?  Let me know on Twitter or Facebook
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