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Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 2

Took the week off last week since there were, what, 6 comics coming out?  This week's a pretty slow one as well, but there are a few interesting covers coming out on Tuesday...

The Twilight Zone #1
by Francesco Francavilla
The regular cover for this series wasn't all that engaging, but this variant is pretty classic.  Francavilla's got a great eye for capturing the spirit of TV shows (check out some of his wonderful illustrations here).  

The Manhattan Projects #17
by Nick Pitarra
This book has always had great design-based covers, but this is probably the most literal.  We get a very cool graphic representation of the four secret programs and their members in a very strikingly colorful cover.

Dead Boy Detectives #1
By Mark Buckingham
I really like the symmetry and use of geometric shapes in this one.  The outside blues, purples, and oranges accentuate the very pale center in the mirror and draw the eye down to the mysterious hand holding the mirror...or is it a magnifying glass?

 Superman Unchained #5
By Francis Manapul, Barry Kitson w/ Hi-Fi, Kerry Gammill
 I had not realized that they've been doing so many variants for each issue of this, each one done in the style of a different era.  Here we get Golden Age by Manapul, Bronze by Kitson, and Superman Reborn by Gammill.  Most of these are just fun for the novelty aspect, but Manapul's is actually quite gorgeous.  I'll have to look out for these!

   Injustice: Gods Among Us #12
By ???
 Couldn't resist putting this one in.  I haven't read this, but it seems fitting that it should have action figure photo covers--makes me want to start making some epic battles on the living room floor!

Kind of slim pickings this week, but I'm sure next week when the holidays are over we'll get a nice fat stack of great new covers to grace volume 3!  What are your favorite covers of the week?  Let me know on Twitter or Facebook

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