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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best Covers of the Week, Vol. 1

Welcome to GeekRex's newest weekly feature, Best Covers of the Week!

As much a comic collector as a comic reader, I've always had an appreciation for a good cover.  Having to think about my favorite covers of the year for the Rexies podcast made me realize that doing that as a weekly feature would be really fun.  Each week I'll pick out a handful of covers I think are interesting, clever, or just plain pretty.

Locke & Key: Alpha #2 
by Various

One of my favorite comics of all time comes to an end this Wednesday, so I couldn't help but showcase a few of the great covers IDW is putting out.  If only they weren't $7.99 each!  Michael Kaluta's cover (above) crams about as many keys into one cover as anyone could without making it feel cluttered.

Bill Sienkiewicz (left) pulls out a beautiful photo montage image that really gets across the dreamlike suspense of the series.

Dave Sim's (right) probably doesn't have anything to do with this last issue's story, but instead takes a classic homage approach.  While it looks relatively silly, the scene it recalls from an earlier issue was such a great one that I can't help but love it.

The regular artist (Gabriel Rodriguez) did the main cover, but unfortunately it is being kept a secret until Wednesday.  IDW claims it's "TOO SHOCKING TO REVEAL" and with this series, I actually believe it.

Saga #17
by Fiona Staples
Staples always produces really stunning covers for Saga, but I particularly like this one.  On first glance, Prince Robot IV looks very angelic, particularly with the pastel yellow glow and flowing cloth, but the staticy image on his TV face makes him seem much more threatening.  This issue is one to be excited about in general as several issues have been building to this inevitably violent climax.

Wonder Woman #26
by Cliff Chiang
I'm often a sucker for minimalistic covers, but using Wonder Woman's iconic costume design as a silhouetting frame is just wonderful.  Add in an enslaved First Born and the hellish color design and this one is maybe the most striking cover of the week.

Zero #4
by Morgan Jeske
I haven't started reading this series yet, but I've heard good things and the covers are always super cool.  Really neat design.  I especially like the crumpled paper background and the M.C. Escher-like design that really gets an anti-individualism theme across.

Black Science #2
by Matteo Scalera and Dean White
I loved the first issue of this series, and I'm pretty excited for #2.  This one is really interesting as it portrays the already mind-blowing imagination and scope of this series, and White's colors, moving from bitter neon to dull browns as the eye moves down, are really captivating.

Revival #16
by Jenny Frisson
I'm way behind on Revival so I can't say much as far as the story goes, but this cover is totally gorgeous.  The watercolor look of the water, the leaves that give the image depth, and the very Twin Peaks-esque subject matter all really piqued my interest.  Rural noir indeed!
Batman '66 #6
by Mike Allred
You can't really make The Bookworm look cool.  But I gotta say I hope I get one of those fedora lamps for Christmas for those long, comic reading nights.

Like these covers?  Have I missed an obvious choice?  Let us know!  Chime in on Twitter or Facebook!
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