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Monday, October 14, 2013

News of note from NYCC over the weekend

While we took the weekend off to catch some movies and watch some television (along with playing Diablo 3), New York Comic Con continued to ratchet up the big news in the comics world.

Here's a summary of some of the bigger items of note!

  • Marvel will be reprinting the "holy grail of comic book stories" Miracleman! Long out of print due to legal issues surrounding the character and various art ownership claims, Marvel (who bought the rights to the character in 2009) have decided they now have the legal clearance to restore and reprint the original Alan Moore run of the title, as well as the Neil Gaimain written follow-up arcs, which include his unfinished "Silver Age" and "Dark Age" arcs. Here's Gaiman speaking about the project thanks to Bleeding Cool. These reprints will begin in January of 2014.
  • Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and FF artist Mike Allred are helming a new Silver Surfer title for Marvel. Slott was quoted as saying:
 “Silver Surfer’s going to meet a kindred spirit in a woman from Earth. You’re going to find out that the universe is more fun when you see it with someone.”
        And from Mike Allred's blog:
 The hardest thing about working on something you love so much is having to keep it a secret. But it’s not just an incredible relief when a project is finally announced, it’s a powerful thrill! So, today the
SILVER SURFER series I’m doing with the equally jazzed Dan Slott was officially announced today at NYCC with great enthusiasm and the response has been wonderful. This project means too much to me to even attempt explaining here without writing an entire chapter to my life story (which would be of questionable interest). Suffice to say
       While I'm no big Slott fan, I'm looking forward to Allred's rendering of Norin Radd!
  • Marvel announced a number of new titles as well for All New Marvel Now including all new Iron Patriot, Ghost Rider, and New Warriors titles (by Ales Kot/Garry Brown, Felipe Smith/Tradd Moore, and Chris Yost/Marcus To respectively), but most notably a new Punisher book by Nathan Edmonson/Mitch Gerads and Elektra by Zeb Wells/Del Mundo. There were additional rumors and perhaps slight too early reporting of a James Robinson/Leonard Kirk Fantastic Four relaunch, but that was not announced at the Con. All titles are coming in early 2014.
  • DC for it's part was relatively quiet on big news items after Thursday's huge announcement of  Batman: Eternal, but they did give attendees a peek at what Issue #3 will contain, the return of cult favorite Stephanie Brown. Batman scribe and Eternal "showrunner" Scott Snyder was quoted with the following:
     I know these are characters you have been really vocal about in a great way and dedicated to. You want them to come back and in this series [Batman Eternal] we thought it was time to bring back Stephanie Brown.  Your guys’ love for Stephanie Brown has been so inspiring  to us in this series and Batman in general and were really proud she can come back in this series. Thank you.
    DC also held a tremendous panel for Arkham Origins, which hits store shelves on November 25 to alot of anticipation. While the developers and two lead actors (Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker) were on hand to reveal that The Electrocutioner will be another enemy in the game, and that there is big story DLC coming, the bigger viral story is the video below, wherein Baker, who plays the Joker reading off one of the Joker's most famous monologues from "The Killing Joke".


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