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Friday, October 4, 2013

George Romero gets into the comics game with Marvel's 'Empire of the Dead'

The teases have been coming for month upon months, but we finally know what George Romero has been up to with Marvel. The father of the "zombie-horror" genre will be putting out a comic series with Marvel entitled Empire of the Dead

With art by one of my favorite comics artists, Alex Maleev, this zombie tale takes place in New York City, many years after zombies began roaming the earth.

From the Marvel Press Release:

“George A. Romero singlehandedly created the zombie genre that’s captured the public imagination for decades,” says Editor In Chief Axel Alonso.  “Now, his unique vision for the silver screen comes to life on the comic book page – a chilling rumination on human nature and man’s place in the food chain, served with a terrifying twist.”

I'm 50-50 on this, as I think Romero's output hasn't been too impressive in decades, on the other hand, Alex Maleev is a can't miss for me much of the time. We'll see how it shapes up. 

Expect to hear more next week when New York Comic Con hits.
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