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Friday, October 11, 2013

Dark Horse announces some big titles at NYCC

It's only Friday and news continues to pour in from New York Comic Con. Late yesterday evening came word of some of Dark Horse's upcoming cross-media titles in the wake of their losing the Star Wars license in 2014.

As predicted by many, Dark Horse will be expanding their reach in the "Aliens/Predator-verse", the line that made the company famous in the first place.

Chris Roberson will be writing a new Aliens title, wherein all four films are canon but with an entirely new cast of characters and Ripley won't really be touched upon. 

Chris Sebela is taking on Aliens vs. Predator, and considers the individual movies as canon, but will not be counting the two released AvP films, probably for the best.

Joshua Williamson is tasked with Predators, and says we won't be seeing any of the human characters from the previous films, but he does consider all three films canon to his series.

And finally, Paul Tobin will be writing Prometheus, focusing on the Engineers and another new cast of characters.

According to Roberson's interview with io9, the writers will be taking a "writer's room" approach to the four series in their cross-continuity. All four series will be launching in 2014.

Additionally Dark Horse briefly announced the return of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Season 10 series of comics, along with a relaunch of Angel & Faith. Last year's Angel & Faith writer, Christos Gage will take on Buffy this time around, while Victor Gischler takes over Angel & Faith. Expect Buffy Season 10 to be a huge improvement on Season 9.
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