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Monday, September 9, 2013

Marvel Comics announces All New Marvel Now

There had been rumors for months, but beginning December 24th and announced by USA Today, Marvel's next phase in their highly successful "Marvel Now" campaign begins with "All New Marvel Now" signaling a number of new titles that will be coming for their line. Notably, the first of these titles announced will be James Robinson's and Steve Pugh's "All New Invaders", which will introduce a new iteration of the classic World War II group led by Captain America, and "Inhuman" by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira, which will focus on what happens when a large group of humans are exposed to the Kree Terrigen Mists.

Additionally, Jonathan Hickman's "Avengers" will enter its next phase under the subheading "Rogue Planet", detailing how Captain America and Iron Man put together a new team of Avengers to deal with a runaway planet headed towards Earth.

While the first Marvel Now focused on a bit of stage setting, and introducing unfamiliar characters like Black Bolt, Nova, and The Guardians of the Galaxy to a wider audience, this second round of Marvel now, seemingly in the wake of Hickman's currently running "Infinity" event will shift its focus to the Kree and the Inhumans.

From the USA TODAY announcement regarding the alien race:

"There is something alien in the Inhumans, something other, something not from around here," says Fraction, adding that it's "the secret kingdom stuff, the weird powers, the mixture of science fiction and pure fantasy that makes up their history" that makes them so cool.
"You can tell the mark of a quality human being by their enjoyment of the Inhumans. Like being a Velvet Underground fan."

Further titles are expected under the new banner, including Silver Surfer, Black Widow, and even rumors of a new X-Factor title.

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