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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Breaking Bad prequel is a go at AMC, tentatively titled Better Call Saul

AMC has announced via press release that it has reached a licensing agreement with Sony for a Breaking Bad spin-off centering on Saul Goodman tentatively titled "Better Call Saul". While an actual series order has yet to come, it appears to be only a formality at this point. We're currently awaiting word on deals to be reached with Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, producer Peter Gould, and of course Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk.

According to the AVClub, the series will be a one hour drama (rather than the rumored 30 minute comedy) that will be somewhat lighter in tone than Breaking Bad.

And yes, it is a prequel to the series, so there's no spoilers here.

Well, it's a better idea than the American Psycho series, because this will at least have Odenkirk. But I'm not sure it's THAT much better.
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