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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Geek Recs - Your guide to geeky things to do this week!

8/6: Mud (DVD/Blu Ray) - One of our favorite films of 2013 releases on Blu Ray this week. If you missed it in theaters, Mud, which is a sort of modern retelling of Huck Finn, is an absolute must-watch. The film features several up-and-coming child actors and showcases what is arguably Matthew McConaughey's best performance to date. 

8/7: Trillium #1 (Comic) - Jeff Lemire, DC Comics' quietest of its major architects, produces a story that seemingly could only be told in comic form. An explorer in 1921 and a botanist in 3797 will somehow fall in love and bring about the end of the universe. Not only is it a time-spanning epic that is being promoted as the "last love story," but it's also a flip book, telling two separate but connected tales! 

8/7: Satellite Sam #2 (Comic) - The second issue of what we're hoping to call the "Mad Men of comic books," Matt Fraction's first issue blew us away with its focus on 1950's period detail and backstage politics in the development of network television. The mystery is interesting enough, but the side details are what make Satellite Sam a winner in its debut. Here's hoping the momentum keeps up.

8/9: Elysium (Movie release) - The latest in summer tent-pole movies, Elysium is a sci-fiction film starring characters living in a society with extremely disparate living classes. The film's protagonist, played by Matt Damon, seeks to infiltrate a man-made space station inhabited by the elite, known as Elysium, in search of emergency health care. This is from the same writer/director as District 9, so it's on our to-do list. Look for a review posted on 8/8. 

8/9: Blue Jasmine (Movie release) - Woody Allen's been somewhat hit or miss in the last ten years, but his newest movie stars solid actors like Cate Blanchett and Peter Saarsgard and also features well-known comedian Louis C.K. Early reviews indicate this may be one of Allen's best movies in some time, and Blanchett's performance is already picking up Oscar buzz. 
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