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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comics Track at DragonCon!

For those that are unaware, Kyle is a part of a team that was tasked with putting together comic book panels that would appeal to the fans at DragonCon, Atlanta's premiere Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention occurring over Labor Day Weekend. We spent months putting our heads together in how to best use our guests for these types of panels and we're very excited to announce that we have 12 panels on the docket for all you Comics fans attending DragonCon this year.

The panels range from Marvel and DC all the way to Dark Fantasy Graphic Novels and more. Here is the full schedule below along with guest and moderator info. If you're coming to DragonCon this year, we'd love your support, especially if you're as big a fan of comics as we are!


Friday -

1 PM - Good Girl Art - From the 60's to today, these artists put the "good" in Good Girl Art.
Guests: Doug Sneyd, Anthony Spay, and Jamie Tyndall

2:30 PM - Ted Naifeh: Courting Courtney - A Discussion with the creator of the dark fantasy series Courtney Crumrin
Guest: Ted Naifeh
Moderator: Kyle Pinion

4 PM - Loincloths and Trenchcoats - Classic creators discuss how pulp characters like Tarzan and The Shadow laid the groundwork for superhero and crime comics
Guests: Dean Motter (and more to be added)
Moderator: Harper Harris

Saturday - 

1PM - Elfquest 35th Anniversary - Join us as we celebrate and discuss one of the most imaginative and loved comic sagas of all time!
Guests: Richard and Wendy Pini

2:30 PM - Before Watchmen - Hear what it was like to add to a classic!
Guests: Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner
Moderators: Kyle Pinion and Harper Harris

4 PM - DC Legends - A chat with the men who have forever altered the legacies of your favorite DC characters.
Guests: Neal Adams (and more to be added)
Moderators: Tony Barletta and Kyle Pinion

5:30 PM - Hometown Heroes - Hear what inspires and influences these great creators from DragonCon's backyard, everything from comics to superheroes to the web.
Guests: Jennie Breeden, Mark Brooks, Andy Runton, and Dexter Vines
Moderator: Zano Ludgood


11:30 AM - When Marvel Was Timely - An interview with Al Bellman, one of the first artists at Timely when Captain America first threw his mighty shield.
Guest: Allen Bellman
Moderators: Tom Heintjes and Jacob Rougemont

1 PM - Hulk - Hulk Smash! Get an inside peek at the talent behind the many incarnations of the Green Goliath!
Guests: Peter David and Paul Jenkins
Moderator: Zano Ludgood

4 PM - Aspen Comics Anniversary - Michael Turner's enduring vision for comics still thrives to this day. Find out the history and what the future holds.
Guests: Alex Konat, Frank Mastromauro, Siya Oum, Peter Steigerwald
Moderator: Jessica Dunlap

5:30 PM - Mighty Marvel - An update on Avengers, Secret Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther and Fearless Defenders from the House of Ideas.
Guests: Mark Brooks, Jonathan Maberry, Mike McKone
Moderators: Zano Ludgood and Tony Barletta

Monday - 

1 PM - Doktor A's Toybox - Doktor A makes a rare stateside appearance, bringing his unique brand of Steampunk toy design back to DragonCon.
Guest: Doktor A
Moderator: Zano Ludgood
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