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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


In case you're not lucky enough to be at Comic Con this weekend (don't worry, we aren't either), we have some alternative suggestions for your weekend on this week's Geek Recs. 

1. David Lynch's, "The Big Dream" (releases 7/16)
We don't often make musical recommendations, and is may not be for everyone, but it's pretty hard for us not to pay homage to filmmaker legend David Lynch and give him a chance in his other mediums, including music. This is Lynch's sophomore solo album, and the album's first single is available streaming on YouTube or for download in iTunes.

2. Batman 66, #1 (releases 7/17)
DC returns to the days of Adam West with this throwback comic written by long-time Marvel writer Jeff Parker and art by indie artist Jonathan Case. This digital first series has been delighting comics fans for the past two weeks and now its first chapters are being collected in print in this first issue. Relive all the pop-art and "bam, thwap* of a time when Batman was more of a dancer and less of the brooding Dark Knight. It's great fun and highly recommended. While this first issue features the Riddler, it's expected that Parker will even be giving the Batman 66 treatment to a number of villains that never appeared in the series. Who doesn't want to see a swinging version of Bane or Killer Croc?

3. Fables #131 (releases 7/17)
Although this is a comic that broke the hearts of many fans with the killing of a major character, Fables begins a new arc this week that just may rope the grieving fans back in. Focusing on Rose Red and the Knights of the Round Table, hopefully the new arc "Camelot" has a much happier ending than recent Fables stories. 

4. The Conjuring (releases 7/19)
We're suckers for a genuinely scary movie these days, and unfortunately they are rare. Early reports of The Conjuring, however, look promising - the movie clocks in at an 86% positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 40-review sample size. This is the allegedly "true story" of paranormal investigators called in to help a family living in a secluded farmhouse. Added bonus: Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. 

5. Only God Forgives (releases 7/19)
It is with uncertainty and a grain of salt that we look forward to Only God Forgives. In a follow up to the critically-acclaimed Drive, Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn team up again to tell the story of a criminal running an underground boxing ring in Thailand. This movie was literally booed at Cannes, but we loved Drive so much, we're willing to risk the pain. 

Other than that, keep a close watch on all of your favorite Geek sites (ours included) for the constant barrage of announcement and news that is sure to come out of Comic Con this weekend!
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