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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Geek Recs - Your guide to geeky things to do this week!

7/30: Justice League - The Flashpoint Paradox - Kyle and I watched this DC animated film last week in its early digital release, and I have to say that it was probably one of the best of these movies I've seen. Something goes terribly wrong in time and The Flash finds himself stuck in a world where Superman never appeared, Batman is completely different, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war. It's so much fun and highly recommended. 

7/31: Batman Incorporated #11 - The solicitation for this issue reads "Batman saves the world, and loses everything." How could you not want to read it? It helps that it's also the final issue of Grant Morrison's 7 year epic on the Caped Crusader. Expect to hear more about this in a future GeekRex retrospective!

7/31: Injustice Martian Manhunter DLC - The fans demanded it and now it's here! Those of us that love playing the fighting game Injustice are finally getting the one character we've been begging for in J'onn J'onzz. It also doesn't hurt that Justice League vet Carl Lumbly returns to voice our favorite green, shape-changing superhero!

8/2: The Europa Report - We were lucky enough to catch The Europa Report On Demand a few weeks ago, and it was well-worth the money. This is a strange blend of "mockumentary" in the science-fiction realm, somewhat like District 9, but more along the lines of a horror or thriller film. The film also talks loosely about actual events and presents itself as an alternative history about humanity's attempt to investigate potential life on Europa, a moon orbiting Jupiter.

8/2: The Spectacular Now - Things are looking pretty bright for The Spectacular Now on Rotten Tomatoes (91% as of this writing), a drama/comedy/coming-of-age indie movie in limited release this weekend. As huge Kyle Chandler fans, we can't wait to see this one, which comes from the writers of 500 Days of Summer (a wonderful, offbeat rom-com). The Spectacular Now is a story of a high school senior who falls for an unlikely classmate and the fallout that ensues.
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