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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Geek Recs: July 7 - 14

The last few weeks of entertainment media have treated us somewhat unkindly, ending many of our favorite shows and passing the time with good-not-great animated movies. But behold - this week, things are looking up! Starting with... 

1. The Walking Dead, 400 Days: Technically this came out last week, but we're still working our way through it, and maybe you are too. This DLC is the latest chapter in The Walking Dead, a game we think you should be playing. Titled 400 Days and available for $5 on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360, this chapter focuses on a new set of characters and is rumored to be a bridge between the original game and an upcoming sequel. The latest chapter of this tale provides roughly 2 hours of game play. 

2. Spring Breakers: We see so many movies in the theater that Blu-ray and DVD releases are only occasionally exciting to us (because how many movies are really worth owning?), but this week happens to be one of those. Spring Breakers was one of our favorite movies so far this year and it comes out Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray. If you haven't seen it, RedBox this movie. Even if you hate Spring Breakers, it'll be absolutely worth the $1 price tag when you see James Franco perform a Britney Spears ballad.  

3. Justice League #22: After months of hints and hype, we are finally getting the start of the crossover titled Trinity War on Wednesday. Linking Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark, this crossover is said to begin with the death of a hero that sparks a feud among the three teams. This is an event that has been a long-time coming and is easily the most exciting thing DC has done in a while. If you are a comics fan, this should be one you definitely pick up! 

4. Pacific Rim: Monsters. Guillermo del Toro. Robots. Idris Elba. CHARLIE DAY. Just shut up and take our money. This movie releases on Friday. 

5. Newsroom: On the heels of the Veep and Game of Thrones finale, we've been aching for some decent HBO programming. And no, True Blood is not filling that void. Here's hoping that Season 2 of the Newsroom is successful and continues to build on the momentum it built last year. Look for the Season 2 premier on Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern. 
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