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Monday, May 13, 2013

Geek Recs - Week of 5/12

Welcome to our newest weekly installation at Geekrex - Geek Recs! We'll be providing our top pop culture recommendation for the week, starting with this one. This'll cover anything from TV & movies to game releases, events, and more. 

Movie Releases 

1. Star Trek Into Darkness - The long-awaited follow-up to J.J. Abram's new take on an old series, the U.S. finally gets to see Star Trek this week. The premier is technically on Friday, but many theaters (check with yours) are doing early showings on Wednesday. Because it's already been released in other countries, we highly recommend staying away from Wikipedia and other sites that are rumored to carry spoilers. Rotten Tomatoes outlook is currently good, sitting at 89%.

2. Frances Ha - Indie favorite Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg) returns as the writer and author of this comedy starring Greta Gerwig as Frances, a dancer living in New York City who struggles with her career and relationships. Baumbach has a penchant for creating quirky, aimless characters that are as memorable as they are relatable. Rotten Tomatoes outlook is currently good, sitting at 100% (a small sample size of only 10 reviews, though).

DVD Releases

1. Cloud Atlas - This novel adaptation is fairly epic in scope, encompassing a variety of times, cultures, and even languages and civilizations. It's almost too much for the film to pull off effectively, but in spite of a few missteps (particularly in the make-up department), this movie is refreshingly unique and entertaining. It's worth a rental. 

TV Episodes 

1. Family Tree - This is a new HBO comedy that premiered Sunday. Because Sunday is already such a packed TV day, we're a little behind, but definitely plan on checking out Family Tree, a mockumentary-style comedy created by Christopher Guest, who you may know from offbeat comedies like This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind. The show stars Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd, Bridesmaids, Girls) as a man investigating his family's roots.  

2. The Office - This show is well past its prime, but given that this Thursday is the series finale, we're willing to check in and give it a proper goodbye. Rumor has it that Steve Carrell will be making a small appearance (fingers crossed). 

3. Doctor Who - The seventh season of the Doctor Who reboot finishes Saturday in an episode titled "The Name of the Doctor," written by Steven Moffat. Moffat episodes are often a treat, and due to a shipping fiasco, this episode has already leaked to several fans in the U.S. who had pre-ordered it. We're avoiding spoilers, but hear that more of the Clara mystery will finally be resolved. 


1. Wonder Woman #20 - Wonder Woman is a character that's been around for a while and is nearly as iconic as Superman, but is often pretty bland. Brian Azzarrello's take on this story is a refreshing change of pace. 
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1 comment:

  1. Can't decide if I want to see Frances Ha yet. I loved Squid and the Whale but Greenberg is firmly on my most hated films list.

    I'd love to hear what you guys thought of the Office finale!


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