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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Community, "Conventions of Space and Time"

Season 4, Episode 3
Grade: C
Verdict: The concept for this episode was awesome, but the writing delivered very mediocre humor and didn't pack any punches. Something of a dud for what I've come to expect from this show, this episode is hopefully not part of a larger pattern emerging with the new show runners.

I've really been holding out hope that Community wouldn't lose it's edge in spite of its recent changes. I had low hopes for the season opener and ended up being pretty satisfied with it, but every week I feel like I'm laughing less. One of those reasons is probably pretty subjective, in that we've seen less of the Dean every week, but I do think the writing is getting lackluster.

In "Conventions of Space and Time," the Community crew goes on a road trip to attend an Inspector Spacetime convention. Jeff is of course too cool to be part of it, but takes a ride with the gang anyway so he can hit the slopes. The episode revolves around the relationship between Abed and Troy, which is ostensibly weakening due to Troy's new relationship with Britta.

Meanwhile, the ski slopes are closed, so Jeff and Annie hang around the convention. Jeff ends up resembling an iconic Inspector Spacetime villain,which draws the attention of sexy groupies, including Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galatica fame. When Annie stays in the hotel room and is mistaken for Jeff's wife, she indulges the fantasy and imagines what life would be like as Jeff's wife. Pierce and Shirley show up to the convention to surprise Abed, but get pulled into a focus group to test the idea of doing an American version of Inspector Spacetime.

I will say that I appreciate how they're handling Britta this season. I was worried they'd turn her into an awful nagging girlfriend or make her jealous of Troy and Abed's friendship, but the way she helped Troy conspire to win Abed back was perfect. I also really enjoyed the American version of Inspector Spacetime at the end of the show.

The worst part about this episode is that I think in the right hands, it could have been fantastic. The gang attending a con?! That's a fabulous idea. The execution is just so hollow. Predictably, Abed and Troy learn a lesson about friendship and get their happy ending. I'll grit my teeth and keep going, but I'm getting a little worried....

Favorite moment: The American version of Inspector Spacetime
Least favorite moment: Abed's evil-villain-new-friend locking him in the phone booth
Favorite quote: Instead of this constable, what about a blonde with long legs and a tennis racket?
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1 comment:

  1. Agreed. My biggest problem has been the total retrogression of Annie's character. :( According to Jon, the writers did a Reddit AMA and even they admit it was a bad episode.


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