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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Archer: "Midnight Ron"

In episode 4 of the 4th season of Archer the pop culture references are in full effect and I couldn't be happier.

Any cinephiles will notice that this episode is an ode to the Robert DeNiro/Charles Grodin film, Midnight Run.

I'm this episode, Archer is stuck in Montreal, broke, without money or a passport after a dealing with what he wouldn't call a horde of Quebecan whores.

At the same time, Mallory's new husband,  the seemingly harmless Ron Cadillac, is off on another business trip, forgetting the two of them have tickets to the opening night of Carmen.

So to earn favor with Mallory, Ron makes a trip up to Montreal to collect Archer and bring him back home.  Through the course of their travels, they encounter mobsters, transvestite bikers making a snuff film and hobos. All the while bonding accidentally.

Back at Isis, after refusing to help Sterling out of his predicament, the gang talk about all the times Archer has done them favors, which with the exception of giving someone the clap, didn't help at all.

By far this is one of the funniest episodes of Archer that I have ever seen.

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