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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: The Americans - "Clocks"

While I enjoyed the pilot episode of THE AMERICANS a lot, the second episode really cemented my love for this series very early. 

On the surface this episode was about planting a bug in the Secretary of Defense's office at home. But deep down it was about crossing that line and how far over it you will go to make sure the mission gets accomplished. 

The Russians would threaten a god fearing woman's son with an nigh incurable disease to get what they want while the Americans would physically threaten one of their own to get someone inside the Soviet embassy. 

The magic about the lines they cross is how quickly they are able to cross the lines back into being normal, average citizens with no real agenda other than to earn a wage and raise a family. 

I loved how at one point, when the Americans were interrogating someone, he said "You can't do this." and the FBI agent agreed with him. but then said "He can. He's one of three minorities in the FBI. They can't fire him." A nice little off shoot to the way things were. 

To me, this episode really asked a question of the viewer. Do you have what it takes to cross the line, and still have it in you to cross back?

Rating: A

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