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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Americans

Season 1, Episode 1

FX is well known currently for being one of those channels that takes HUGE leaps to try and please the audience. With the Americans, it has done that again. 


Keeping in tone with amazing dramas like Justified and Sons of Anarchy, The Americans tells the story of two KGB agents that are about as deep undercover as you can get. 

They can no longer speak Russian, only fluent English, and must operate as an average every day American family. But everything isn't all downtown Mayberry. 

Between having to fight feelings for one another (despite having a full family) and feelings about defecting to the good ol' USA, they have to carry out covert missions, all the while acting like someone who goes to their 9-5 every day. 

When I first heard that Keri Russel was in the series I couldn't get the thought (and disbelief) that Felicity was a Russian spy and could kick some serious ass. Any doubt that I had left, very quickly.

Stellar writing. Stellar acting and the set pieces look very authentic for 1981.

The Americans, gets an A. (this is like an episode of Sesame Street. In Soviet Union, letters learn you!)

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